A look of up-to-date timelessness is what many clients want to achieve. They don’t want to follow style trends that will make their home look out-of-date within a few years. They want a comfortable home that meets their family’s needs now and will be desirable to potential future buyers, as well.

I find that the key to creating a look that is both contemporary and timeless is personalizing the space and investing in a few high-quality pieces of furniture, artwork, lighting fixtures or other decorative items.

A room should be a bold statement of the client’s style and life story. I spend time with my clients to identify the things in their life that have meaning for them. That could be other states or even other countries where they have traveled or lived. It may include elements of their heritage, heirlooms or antiques. Sometimes it is family or career.

How do I incorporate those concepts into the design of a room?

Heritage might be displayed through a room’s colors or the textures and motifs used.

Sometimes decorative items like artwork or mementos from travels or career simply need to be more creatively displayed. The solution may involve specialized lighting techniques, or a custom-made display cabinet built to fit in an area where it can be a focal point.

Some heirlooms may require restoration. Others are best re-purposed. But just because the client has heirlooms that they want to keep on display does not mean that the entire room needs to look old and outdated.

By designing a room to display personal treasures and personal style, a la carte DESIGN creates rooms that our clients will enjoy and take pride in for years to come.

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