When I am working on home remodels, one of the features that can set the tone of the room is an updated fireplace.

Because a fireplace is often a focal point for a room, making a change there can pay off handsomely in giving a room a dramatically fresher look.

There are so many ways to improve a fireplace. We can start by choosing the type. Many people still love the sound and smell of a crackling wood-burning fireplace. Others choose to update to cleaner, more maintenance-free choices like gas-burning or electric fireplaces.

With gas-burning or electric fireplaces, you can also eliminate the hearth and go with a sleek-looking wall-mounted unit. Wall-mounted units look good with or without a mantle, so that is another option that I can incorporate in my design plan.

Finally, there are myriad choices for cladding the fireplace. One of the options is extending the cladding above the fireplace insert to the ceiling for a dramatic and eye-catching feature.

There are also alternatives in the type of cladding will take your fireplace to a wide range of styles from sleek and ultramodern to rustic and woodsy.

There is metal cladding, including steel and copper. These can be used create a more industrial look, or a warm, homey vibe.

Rock fireplaces are popular in Colorado. But, any natural rock can be used to create different ambiances. River rock, fieldstone or limestone is the choice of many nature-loving Coloradans. But, there is also marble and granite, which can be used to coordinate with the countertops and back splashes of kitchens open to the room.

Ceramic and glass also offer the opportunity to turn up the style of a fireplace.

Fireplace updates are an opportunity for me as an interior designer to extend my creativity and innovation. Give me a call if you have a room with a fireplace that you would like to renovate and refresh. I have lots of ideas!

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