By Jeane Dole

Above all else, when a la carte DESIGN has finished its work for a client, I want the client to experience a sense of comfort in their re-designed home.

Often, clients associate comfort with improvements in the way the spaces in their home work. They want a better flow. Less “dead space.” Sometimes better storage options to reduce clutter. And, a sense of spaciousness.

We always want to provide that. But, there are other elements that enhance comfort. Sometimes these represent individual preferences. For example:

Design Style

Sometimes it is the design style itself that creates comfort for the client. Many clients here in Colorado, for example, look for a design that gives the flavor of a cabin in the Rockies. Some feel more at home if their home had a little of the farmhouse that they grew up in. Others have lived all over the world, and want to bring a global design sense to their home.

Incorporating Prize Possessions and Interests

Art collectors usually want to be surrounded by their favorite paintings and sculpture. They may need a design that allow these beloved items to be displayed optimally. Similarly, antiques and heirloom items need special consideration when planning a re-design. Gardeners often are happiest if their home includes spaces for plants, and windows that allow them to view the outdoor landscaping that they love.


Color is a very emotional aspect of a design. Some are most comfortable in spaces displaying serene neutral colors with just a few pops of brighter hues. Others love bright color everywhere! The design a la carte DESIGN creates is always customized to the color preferences of our clients.

What one client considers essential to comfort another might detest. My job is to learn what makes each client comfortable—and what would make their home more comfortable than it is before I begin my work.

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