Great interior design is a process that a la carte DESIGN has perfected over many years. It begins with decision-making, and sometimes that is the most difficult step for clients. We can help. Our initial meetings with clients typically focus on three types of decisions:

  1. What is the function of the room or rooms that are being redesigned? This may seem obvious, but in todays open concept designs, often a single “room” must perform several functions for the family. The function of a space can involve an understanding of the family’s lifestyle, the type of entertaining that they like to do, and any issues of functionality that the room now poses. For example, is there enough storage?
  2. What are the client’s style preferences? This can involve a discussion of color schemes, fixtures, window treatments, etc. We try to get a sense of how much change the client is looking for and is comfortable with. Are there existing elements of the room that they would like to retain? Do they want all new furniture, or would they like to use some (or all) of the existing furniture in the new design?
  3. What is the client’s budget? Few clients have a good idea of what they should expect to spend for the work that is needed. We can help clients develop a realistic budget, and help them make decisions about the design plans if the budget needs to be adjusted.

If a difficulty with decision-making is standing in the way of the interior design work you desire, the solution is simple. Just make a decision to call a la carte DESIGN at 303-885-7706. We’ll help you make all of the other decisions needed.

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