A home theater or room intended for family recreation is a great space to integrate the owner’s hobbies and interests into the room design.

There are many ways to do this. Collections of coins, art, movie posters, and other collectibles can be creatively displayed on walls. Sometimes the design of the room, including the wall and floor coverings, furniture and fixtures, can be used to evoke an era or time in history that is appropriate to the field of interest.

For the client who desires a clean, uncluttered look that suggests one of their passions, the answer may involve using a single unique element in the room. If it is both decorative and functional, a distinctive statement piece can serve as a focal point for the room’s design while adding practicality.

For example, the two refrigerators displayed in the photos here would be a great addition to the design of a rec room for a car aficionado or collector. The photo at the top of a refrigerator by Smeg designed to look like the front of a vintage Fiat 500 would be literally a cool addition to a basement remodel, or any casual living space of a home.

The image at right shows a retro-styled refrigerator by Gorenje honoring Volkswagen. I could imagine this as the focal point of a mancave, home office, or even a deluxe garage workspace.

Sourcing unique design elements like these refrigerators is something that a la carte DESIGN takes on as part of an interior design project. To see examples of some of the living spaces we have designed, visit Our Portfolio here.

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