How Interior Design Was Impacted by the Housing Crash

When the housing market crashed in 2008, it had a significant effect on interior design. Homeowners were wary of making their home too individualized, too personal. They chose white on white kitchens and bathrooms. They chose bland flooring and backsplashes. They made choices that no one would hate—but no one really loved, either.

If you have one of these homes, the current housing market makes it a great time to invest in interior design. Ten years have passed, and your home has almost certainly increased in value. But, it would now be even more attractive to future buyers if the design were not just a “blank canvas.”

Your home can be comfortable, personal, and appealing to buyers, as well. By investing in professional interior design services, you can enjoy guidance that will make your home a livable space for family, a great place for entertaining, and a home that you can take great pride in.

Warm up the rooms with color, texture, and a sophisticated design. Choose fixtures that are stylish and fit your personality and lifestyle. Consider the many new options for floor and wall coverings. Whether you love mid-century modern, farmhouse, contemporary, cottage, traditional or something in-between, you do not need to live among bland surroundings.

Call a la carte DESIGN to invest in interior design that is YOUR design.

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