When I’m discussing a la Carte Design with new people, interested in what we do, I am often asked the same question. That question revolves around the style of design we incorporate into our work. Potential clients want to get a feel for my interior design technique, and me, before moving forward with the design making process. This is a complicated question to answer, however, since I’m a multi-style interior designer and remodeling professional.

Just like a marketing company working with a business and getting a feel for their branding, we start with getting to know our clients well. Detailed questions about likes, dislikes, styles and more are the jumping off point for any of our projects. This is never about what style WE prefer, our goal is to match the style preferences of our clients.  At the end of the design project, our clients are the ones who will live with the final product – not us. Therefore, a question regarding our favorite styles is irrelevant.

Also, when it comes to just picking one style, we find the choice too difficult. The variety of design styles and choices available today opens up our work, and our business, to so many fascinating options.  The creative stimulation that comes with trying out new ideas or combining various styles together is what makes the work so interesting.  This makes it impossible for us to pick one style option over another. With the right dose of inspiration, any of them can be great picks!

If you are not certain which style best reflects your vision, don’t worry. The most common style choice today is eclectic – a blend of styles meshed together. There is no need to fall in love with just one. Keep in mind that an eclectic style can be beautiful but not just “anything goes.” Understanding the nuances of great design combined with an understanding of the client’s overall vision – is all we need to deliver something beautiful and inspiring.

When it comes to picking the right interior design company, the decision is really more about your own personal style than it is the style of the designer. Having a vision of what you want to accomplish, the styles that you like, and the scope of your project are the key elements necessary to begin any successful design partnership. Choosing someone to come into your home or business and get to know you on such a personal level is an intimate one – one that we take seriously here at á la Carte Design. Seeking greater value or satisfaction in your living space? Give us a call at 303-885-7706!

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