Following trends in the interior design field is almost entertainment for me. Trends are an important consideration when I am designing rooms for a client. But, most of my clients are more interested in a design that reflects their own sense of style and their desire for comfort and functionality than one that is trendy.

On the other hand, no one wants to find that their recently re-designed kitchen or bath immediately looks out-of-date. So, my job is to make sure that any trends incorporated into my designs contribute an overall picture timelessly appealing.

Here are a few of the top design trends that I have spotted recently:

Colors—Colors are bolder and include jewel tones, lots of shades of blue, as well as brighter shades of green.

Patterns—Herringbone is popular in flooring, while geometric and floral prints dominate in fabrics. Velvet is also gaining in popularity as a way to bring texture into a design.

Styles—Most design projects will continue to display a contemporary vibe, although designs influenced by Mid-Century Modern and Bohemian Chic have gained in popularity.

Walls—Feature walls covered in millwork, shiplap, and reclaimed wood are popular in 2018—especially in bedrooms.

Texture and Sheen—Mixing metals for a design that combines matte and shiny surfaces and a variety of textures is often seen in the top interior designers’ work now.

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