Everyone wants a beautiful home with the kind of updates that make it both stylish and comfortable. But real estate—even a home—is an investment. It is important to put your money into home improvements that will pay off at sale.

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is to choose colors and styles that are too individual, too unique. It is important to surround yourself with what you love, but it is sometimes better to reserve the truly distinctive elements for décor items that you can move with you. a la carte DESIGN can help you identify both coming trends and unpopular styles, so you take advantage of the former and avoid the latter.

If your home now needs updating, some rooms of the house are a better investment than others. Even if you are not planning to sell soon, you may want to consider the following guidance about the Top 3 Home Interior Design Remodels That Represent the Best Investment:

#3 Basement Remodel—According to a recent article from HGTV, finishing or remodeling a basement can be expected to return approximately 90.1% of the initial investment at sale. Since this type of remodel may increase the finished square footage of your home, you may find it to be more valuable than other remodeling projects.

#2 Kitchen Remodel—A kitchen remodel will likely return between 91% and 98.5% of the cost of the remodel—depending upon how extensive the updating is.

#1 Bathroom Remodel—The interior design project that is the best investment is a bathroom remodel. These projects can return from 93.2 to 102% of the original investment.

As one Realtor said, though, “The biggest mistake I see is when people don’t spend the extra money to hire a professional interior designer.” He added that these clients often spent money on things that don’t add value to the home or are seen by buyers as negatives.

a la carte DESIGN can help you make the choices that will help your home sell faster, and at a higher price, than if you had done that yourself.

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