Open concept is highly desirable not only as a design trend in homes, but also because it makes a home’s interior seem more spacious.

Open concept does have its downsides, though. Most families need spaces that serve different purposes. For example, they may need an office or study space, a children’s play area, or a music room.

Areas like these require an accommodation for noise. A totally open concept is not practical.

I have also had clients who desired an open concept design but could not be happy with a formal dining room that was not an actual room.

And, then, of course, there are those who want a greater openness to outdoor areas than French doors provide.

For all of these situations, glass walls offer the spaciousness of open concept while still providing a delineation of areas of the home.

Glass walls need not be colorless or totally clear. Glass is available in many hues and textures. There is etched glass suitable for a variety of motifs. And, there are ways that the glass can be framed that make a glass partition almost a work of art.

Large glass installations are not do-it-yourself projects. a la carte DESIGN can create a design using glass walls and help you identify professionals that can successfully complete the installation. Give us a call if this is an idea that is attractive to you.

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