Many of my clients here in Colorado love the outdoors. And they would love to have more of the outdoors inside their home.

A living wall is one option. Living walls can be on the interior or exterior of buildings. With living (or green) walls plants are hung vertically in a frame attached to the wall. The frame typically includes a growth medium and an automatic irrigation system along with the plants.

Living walls are a great choice for the homeowner who loves plants, but does not want to have horizontal surfaces filled with them. They offer a number of benefits:

  • Many feel that the presence of plants to promotes relaxation and a reduction in stress.
  • Some living walls are almost living works of art, adding color, texture and interest to a room.
  • A large green wall can boost air quality in the home.
  • A living wall also can act to dampen sound, so the acoustics of a room is improved. This may be especially important in a dining room where people gather in a small space and multiple conversations are going on simultaneously.

If you don’t want to cover an entire wall with plants, there are alternatives that also display plants vertically on a wall. These are frames or wall-mounted planters that can be used to plant colorful flowers, succulents, or herbs for cooking.

Bringing a garden indoors is one of the ways that a la carte DESIGN personalizes a home for our clients. Give us a call to talk about ways you would like to have your home updated and tailored for your sense of style and interests.

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