When I first meet with clients, the discussion usually centers around how they would like the final product to look. I find that discussion very helpful. I certainly want to make sure that my design is comfortable and fits the client’s sense of style.

But, there are many features of home design that are overlooked. Here are four considerations that I include in my designs that clients often do not focus on without my guidance:

  1. Spaces appropriate for both entertaining and for family relaxation. Most clients cannot totally segregate their home to have spaces for guests and those who live there. For me, this means designing rooms for multiple purposes. Multi-purpose spaces can be achieved by creating smaller conversation areas, better “flow” throughout the home, and with appropriate furniture choices.
  2. Lighting that is both useful and beautiful. Layering lighting so that colors and textures in a room are highlighted is almost an art. But when the room is used for tasks, the lighting must also be helpful for completing those tasks. Can lights, chandeliers, table lamps, and undermounted lighting can be combined to create a pleasant and well-lit living area.
  3. Improved storage spaces. It’s probably not possible to have too much storage space. Whether a client is asking for a redesign of a room or their entire home, that is a great time to consider making improvements in storage capacity. Sometimes, a client needs additional storage. But, in other cases, the home simply needs more differentiated storage. For example, a cabinet designed to display a personal collection, a closet for out-of-season clothes, or a larger, better organized kitchen pantry. All of these things are possible with an a la carte DESIGN project.
  4. Elements that offer easy maintenance. There are many choices in the home design process that should be made with a goal toward easy maintenance. Flooring. Countertops. Backsplashes. Upholstery. I can help my clients choose finishes that are durable and easy to maintain and clean.

The easiest way, of course, to ensure that these often neglected aspects of home interior design are addressed is to hire a professional—a la carte DESIGN. I hope to work with you on an interior design project soon.

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