Or maybe you’d like something in between.

a la carte DESIGN has clients who love the maximalist look. They consider lots of colors, shapes, texture—and just lots of stuff—to be eye-candy that makes their home comfortable and homey.

We also have clients who love the clean look of minimalist style. They hate clutter and they are most comfortable in a room with a few luxurious features, usually a base color of subdued tones and just a few elements in bold colors.

Often clients who like a minimalist style begin with a room that is closer to maximalist, with too many elements creating an almost chaotic space.

It is not easy to create a maximalist space that is both energizing and peaceful.

Occasionally, we have a client who has tried to create a minimalist space on their own, but just ended up with a room that looked cold and uninviting.

Most clients prefer something that bridges maximalism and minimalism. a la carte DESIGN can do that, too. We can take things you love and recreate your home’s spaces to display them in ways that make you and your family happy.

Call us to discuss what would make you happy.

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