What is your favorite color? Do you dare to use it boldly in your home décor?

Most of my clients can tell me immediately what their favorite color is. But, few are using it in their homes. They wear it. They may even drive it. But they often don’t live in it. That is too bad.

Color is an important aspect of personal comfort. Some people are most comfortable in a home that energizes their senses. Some want one that offers a peaceful, calming atmosphere. Others are fond of particular shades and would like to use them in a limited way to provide interest to the overall design.

That’s where a la carte DESIGN can help. You tell us what colors you like and whether you want to use them in big or small ways. We will take it from there.

Need color ideas? Individual colors do go in and out of style. In 2018, shades of lavender, purple and violet have become popular, along with intense pinks, fresh blues, and delicate light greens. We can show you how to use any of these colors in ways that will never permanently “date” your home.

Give us a call to bring your favorite colors to life in your home.



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