“Elegant!” That was the answer I received recently when I asked a new client what her style is.

I love that answer!

Traditional can be elegant. But so can contemporary, mid-century modern, transitional and minimalist. Elegance can be incorporated in a home’s style no matter what the primary theme of the design is.

Almost every client wants a home that exudes elegance. An elegant design has a timeless quality that clients, their friends and family appreciate.

I think that elegance is created mostly through the choices made in a design. It comes from balance. It comes from quality furnishings and fixtures. It comes in the use of color and texture and a proportionality in the use of space.

Shapes also contribute to a feeling of elegance in a room. Graceful forms and contours without too many hard edges typically create a sense of elegance.

An elegant design has a tidiness and order to it. This can be created by de-cluttering the space, but also by using smart storage solutions in the design.

Elegant designs also display sophistication, which can be expressed in many ways. I find that one of the best ways to create a sophisticated look is with dynamic lighting designs, which add dimension to the room.

If you’d like to add some elegance to your home, give me a call at 303.885.7706. I’d love to explore what elegance means to you and ways to create an elegance you will love and be able to live in comfortably.

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