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Master Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

The most up-to-date trends when this house was built in the 1980’s home, like a make-up corner, a carpeted bathroom including a step up to the shower and the bathtub and gold brass metal throughout, were now decidedly out of style with the rest of this family’s home. The overall footprint was generally good, but the stairs ate up space for movement, the make-up corner was a dead zone and we won’t even talk about how nasty the carpet had to be from years spent in a moist environment.

By eliminating the steps, and reducing the size of the tub deck, we were able to create a more comfortable flow to the space.Replacing the make-up corner with a tall storage cabinet, defined the space on either side for “him” and for “here”, and provided ample new storage that had not previously existed.New cabinets, countertops, tile and brushed chrome faucets updated the space to an elegant sophistication that had not previously existed. New lighting and matching custom-framed mirrors complete the finishes for a bathroom that looks like a million but cost far less.

Elements/challenges of existing space design include:

  • Make a big impact with new finishes without a lot of expense and without changing the overall footprint
  • Maintain a connection to the master bedroom that was immediately next to the bathroom with no closing door in between
  • Add storage space where possible
  • Create a look that was at once updated yet traditional in its style


  • Eliminated the step up to the tub and the shower
  • Made the tub deck a bit smaller and angling the corner to create more room to move around
  • Create a new, larger shower with a bench and install European glass enclosure (i.e. frameless) to eliminate any distraction from the new tile design
  • Replace make-up are with a tall cabinet to provide increased storage and add some height to an overall horizontal space
  • New cabinetry has “feet” along the toekick to make it feel like furniture and coordinate with furniture in the bedroom
  • Update metal, tile, wall color, mirrors and lighting to add softness and elegance
bathroom remodel
bathroom custom cabinets
bathroom updated shower
bathroom renovation before

Bath Before

bathroom cabinets

Vanity Before

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Shower Before

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